Game Producer / Product Manager

I'm a game producer and design with 8 years experience in both China and Hong Kong with several shipped titles on multiple platforms. I'm currently learning my second master degree at SMU Guildhall and looking for Game Producer opportunities in the United States.


July 2018 - December 2018

SMU Guildhall - Cyberdrome

  • Team size: 15, Production Duration: 5 months

  • Worked with the leads to establish RACI and workflow pipeline

  • Managed the scope of the project, communicate milestone expectations with the team and the stakeholders.

  • Organized and conducted UX and playtesting sessions, collected feedback and presented to the team.

  • Coordinated outside resources for localization and publishing.

SMU Guildhall - Interstellar Racing League

  • Team size: 60, Production Duration: 4 months

  • Led and facilitated the production work in multiple cross-discipline teams.

  • Helped multiple teams set up workflow pipelines.

  • Supported the Game Design team and Lead Producer to communicate with the team.

  • Coordinated with other producers to set up pipelines and workflows to ensure the team functioning smoothly.


June 2015 - September 2016

Divine Digital Multimedia Lab Ltd, Hong Kong

  • Team size 10

  • Reviewed products from different development teams and identified potential products.

  • Collaborated with game developers to build strategies on monetization and publishing. Several products reached top ranking on Google play with more than 1 million downloads.

  • Managed art and programming outsources with teams located in different time zones.

  • Led the UX team to conduct UX research, organized gameplay testing and provide feedback to the development team. The convention rate of several products increased by 20% after applying changes from the feedback.


February 2014 - February 2015

Asia Digital Mojo Ltd. Hong Kong

  • Team size 20

  • Collaborated with the higher management team to rebuild the workflow in the company.

  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring all projects are completed on time and with satisfactory quality.

  • Communicated directly with clients, maintaining professional and good working relationships with clients and partners.


June 2013 - September 2013

Infinity Games, Beijing

  • Team Size: 50+

  • Led the design of the combat system and skill tree system in the game.

  • Led the design of several development tools, including mission editor, skill editor, and achievement editor.


June 2011 - June 2013

Huanxiang Age Network Technology Co Ltd. Beijing


  • Team Size: 100+

  • Led the design of the game design tools for skill editing, AI editing and quest editing. The new tool saved 50% of the time comparing the original version with higher quality results.

  • Led the design for other game systems, including the arena system and achievement system.


December 2009 - June 2011

Perfect World Co., Ltd.

  • Team Size 200+

  • Created missions and dungeons to support the daily / weekly​ achievement system.

  • Created several design tools that saved 80% of the time in creating live​event content.

  • Participated in game design and formed integrated design documentation

Bryan Xia Hua

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