The second best selling 3DMMORPG in China after World of Warcraft

Platform:                PC Engine: Private

Team Size: 200+   Time for Operation: 9 Years

Jade Dynasty (also known as Zhu Xian 诛仙) is a free-to-play mass multiplayer online role-playing game( MMORPG) created by Chinese game production and publishing corporation Perfect World. It is based on the famous novel with the same name and was one of the leading MMORPG games on PC platforms in China.

As the system designer in the team, I was part of the system design team to design in-game systems to improve the monetization of the game. I was also responsible for redesigning the tutorial levels, providing localization support for Asian-Pacifics countries and level design of several dungeons in the DLC.

Bryan Xia Hua

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