Platform: PC    Engine: Unreal

Team Size: 15  Timetable: 4 months

Cyberdrome a fast-paced first-person action game featuring ninja-style melee combat. The game was made by a team of 15 SMU Guildhall students and released on Steam in December 2018. 

Served as the producer, I managed the project from the beginning to the end. I overhauled RACIand workflow pipelines for the level design, art and programming team, implemented and facilitated the Scrum methodology in the team. In addition, I also helped the leadership managing the scope, created milestone plans and communicate deliverables with both the team and faculty stakeholders.


Role: Producer

  • Manage and communicate milestone scopes with stakeholders and the team.

  • Identify and medicate risks in the production process.

  • Collaborate with UX producer on organizing UX testing and playtesting, report results to the team.

  • Manage publishing and localization process.

  • Coach the team on collaboration and solve interpersonal issues in the team.

Bryan Xia Hua

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