My career in the game industry started in 2010 when I graduated from college and became an online game designer at Perfect World Entertainment. After working in Beijing on several projects, I moved to Hong Kong for a new adventure, got my first master degree, started a new company, got hands-on experience with marketing, game publishing, and production. Now I'm Studying at SMU Guildhall as a production student and will graduate in May 2019.


Apart from gaming, I'm a huge fan of traveling. I believe that real life experience is the key to inspirations for creativity and I'd love to explore and try any new experience in my life. When I'm not on the road I prefer to reading and watching movies as these are alternative means to experiencing other's life too. 


My greatest assets as a producer are my experience and knowledge. I benefit a lot from my past projects in Beijing and Hong Kong, where I learned how to work and lead people with different culture and backgrounds, and I enjoyed being the bridge to help them communicating well with each other. Apart from communication skill I also have a deep understanding of game design, programming, and marketing, which makes me the right person negotiate among different disciplines and get the work done.

Bryan Xia Hua

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