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Bryan Xia Hua


Game Producer and Game Designer

I'm a game producer with multiple years of experience in both China and Hong Kong with several shipped titles on multiple platforms. I'm currently pursuing my second master degree at SMU Guildhall in the direction of game production and looking for Game Producer opportunities in the United States.


I help game development teams build high-quality games on schedule and within budget.

As a game producer, I support my teams to:

  • Establish workflow pipelines, allocate resources, clear blockers and mitigate risks.

  • Manage the schedule and the scope of the project, communicate milestone expectations with the team and the stakeholders.

  • Communicate with outside resources to get support for the team. 

I bring my 8+ years of combined experience working with professional developers for PC and mobile game development in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States. I have published 10+ products with top rankings in the market and millions of downloads. 

I am most passionate about helping the team to reach their goals, elevating their capabilities and ultimately producing high-quality entertainment products that bring joy and positive social impact on the world.



Working Experience

I worked as a game designer and producer in China and Hong Kong, cooperated with both AAA teams and indie groups on design and publishing. Apart from the experience in the game industry I also worked as a Producer and PM in a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong.


Shipped in global market

I participated in MMORPG and MOBA projects on PC and mobile platforms.   Most of the projects I worked on turned out to be successful in the market, some of them ranked top in China, Hong Kong, and Global market.

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